College Football 2009 Has Begun!


Today, kicks off the 2009 College Football season “officially” and I for one am excited. It gives me an excuse to now to meet up with friends and family members and enjoy a pizza, and some cigars. It also brings back a lot of memories of days gone by when “Yes” I suited up once apon a time in High School and enter the grid iron field to do battle. Ah the memories but these I will keep just for myself. So with the new season upon us, where will you go to enjoy your favorite teams games. Will you tail gate? will you go to a cigar bar? or will you just chill at home? Oh and what cigar will you be breaking out for this special occasion too? I myself am enjoying a Punch Pita. With that I send you back to your games and your cigars. Enjoy my good friends, enjoy?




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Sox lead weekend series 2-0 on bazar hit!

I thought this hit was worth posting. Oh and yes I am a Red Sox fan and loved every minute of it!


Today the Boston Celtics will take on the Cleveland Cavilers at the Boston Garden for game seven. Yes this is a do or die game for the Celtics and they must win. After losing yet another road game in Cleveland, the Boston Celtics have put themselves in another tough position. I as all Boston fans believe that the Celtics will win today and move on the Conference finals against the Detroit Pistons. Before that happens though they must take care of todays game. The luck is with the Celtics because they have won every home game thus far in the playoffs. So with that I end this post with just one thing left to say: GO CELTICS.
God Bless

Red Sox On A Roll!

Red Sox continue to maze us in high fashion. Again down runs to the Texas Rangers in the later part of the game, Manny comes through as usual. Another big shot by him puts the Red Sox ahead for good and sets up another chance for the best closer in baseball “Papelbon” to shut the door, which he did. I am so excited about this team and believe that we may have another championship team. Hey its a long season but the way these guys are playing it is possible.

Go Sox



Sox / Yankees series

Hello everyone, though this will be a short post I am just wondering how everyone is feeling about the up coming series. I believe that the Sox will take two out of three. I feel strong about this prediction and hope you do too my fellow Sox fans. Any ways let me know with all your comments. Enjoy tonight’s game against the Tigers and I look forward to all of your comments. As always “GO SOX!”