ITC 10th Anniversary by Rocky Patel

Ah, yes another cigar review in store for you today. First and foremost though, I would like to give a huge shout out to the Boston Celtics who defeated the Detroit Pistons to clinch the Eastern Conference and now will take on the Los Angeles Lakers for the World Title “BEAT LA, BEAT LA, BEAT LA!”

Now back to the cigar review. Todays cigar is the ITC 10th Anniversary cigar by Rocky Patel. This bad boy is a torpedo and measures 6.5 X 52. The tobacco is Puro using a binder and filler tobacco from 3 different regions in Nicaragua. The Wrapper is a Cuban seed corojo, also grown in Nicaragua. This is an awesome looking cigar with a white, black, and gold wrapper. The smell of the cigar makes you want to light this one up and taste it. My inspection showed no signs of soft spots or imperfections. The toasting phase was a pure pleasure. Once lit, I observed huge amounts of white smoke.

The flavors at first were a little  harsh on the palate but quickly turned to hints of coco and spices. My mouth began to drool and I could not get enough of this cigar. Once again I knew Rocky Patel had his hand in this one.

This cigar smoked well throughout the entire smoke and was a true pleasure in my book. I will be picking up more of these babies and letting some of them sleep in my humidor for a while. Do yourself a favor and seek these babies out, you won’t regret it! With that said my smoke is now over and so is my blog for today. Enjoy the weekend and remember to “Never smoke a shitty cigar, life is too short!”

Price: $9.00 – $9.50 depending on your cigar shop prices.

Drink of choice: Margareta

Smoke time: Around and hour and half.

Buy it again: Yes.

Recommend it: Yes sir, go and get it.

Hint: I would house it for a while in your humidor to bring out more flavors.

In closing Rocky Patel is the man once again plus he supports of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan which is a hugh thumbs up.



Today’s cigar is the Diablo Picantes torpedo. This is a nice cigar to look at and has a great band which is black, gold, and red. The cigar leaf is jet black and the smell of it before pre-light is very nice. The cigar measures 5×40 and the wrapper is Ecuadorian Sumatra, the binder is Connecticut broadleaf, and the filler is Dominican and Nicaraguan. On inspection the cigar wrapper was nicely wrapped and I saw no imperfections.

Ok the toasting phase was awesome and this baby produced large amounts of grey smoke. The flavors which I tasted during my smoke consisted of various spices which keep you interested throughout the smoke. The ending on this baby produces and more spices which I felt was pure pleasure. This is a medium smoke and will please just about any level cigar smoker.

Smoke time: Over and hour.

Drink of choice: Coffee.

Like it? Yes indeed.

Buy it again? Yes.

Price: Approximately $13.75 for a five pack.

Hint: I scored these from famous smoke shop for seven dollars in the auction.

Suggestion: House them in your humidor for a few months and you will not regret it.

Sorry about the over size photo but I am still working out the bugs.

Take Care



Hello everyone, I hope you had a most excellent Memorial Day weekend. Ok, todays cigar review is the Fonseco Cubano Limitado. This cigar measures 6 1/2 by 52 (Toro Gordo) and has a dark leaf wrapper from the Dominican Republic. The pre-light (toasting phase) went well and large amounts of smoke were produced after a few quick puffs. The flavors were woodsy, earthy at first and then hints of floral. I did not care for the 1st half of this cigar and it had burn issues. The second half, I tasted hints of caramel and again the woodsy flavors. There are hints of spices in this cigar which did catch my attention but not enough to keep me interested.

I found it to be medium cigar at best and overall did not see anything special about.

Drink of choice with the cigar: Large Dunkin Donuts ice coffee.

Smoke time: One hour and half.

Price: $ 6.95 (But free thanks to my big brother Eddie, thanks bro!)

Like it: I didn’t hate it but not much interest in it.

Buy it again: No.

Verdict: I would pass on this one.

In closing, I think with the burn issues alone, it will not be in my humidor. As always “Never smoke a shitty cigar, life is too short!”



Hello everyone I hope you are ready for the long weekend coming up shortly. Ok, today’s cigar review is the Montecristo fer de lance 44 X 5 dark brown Connecticut broad leaf. The binder is Dominican of course from the Dominican Republic. Ok, I received this cigar for my birthday from my brother Eli which was in February. The cigar was housed in my humidor since that time at a 63 temp. with the humidity at 68. I know most of you out there like 70 / 70 but hey we are all different.

Ok back to the review, in my inspection of the cigar I found some soft spots and a hole in near the bottom of the cigar. I know first you think beetles (OH NO) which could have been the case from the cigar shop where my brother purchased the cigar but thank God it never made it into my humidor. Ok, the rest of the cigar looked good.

Toasting phase went well and this cigar burned evenly which was a plus. Now this cigar is listed as a medium to full strength cigar but I found it to be a medium at best. The smoking phase did not go so well for me. I found this cigar to be “frank” boring. The flavors to me consisted or earthy and woodsy with hints of some type of floral from time to time. The ash was light grey and flaky but there was large amounts of smoke. The draw was fine except for competing with the beetle whole on the bottom which was not a factor once the hole was burned away.

As a result of the boring nature of this cigar I gave up after half way and classified this as a shitty cigar at least for my standards.

Like it: No

Recommend it: No

Price: $ 9.95 (rip off)

Closing: I always like Montecristo cigars but found this to be complete junk.

Until next time


God Bless Senator Ted Kennedy

Please keep Senator Ted “Teddy” Kennedy and his family in your prayers tonight. Though I am a Republican and I did not share Senator Kennedy political views, I know he has done a lot for the people of the United States. I’m quit sure by now you have all heard the news about Senator Kennedy’s health and thus the reason for my post tonight.  With that said, I sign off for tonight with a heavy heart. God Bless you Teddy.



Today the Boston Celtics will take on the Cleveland Cavilers at the Boston Garden for game seven. Yes this is a do or die game for the Celtics and they must win. After losing yet another road game in Cleveland, the Boston Celtics have put themselves in another tough position. I as all Boston fans believe that the Celtics will win today and move on the Conference finals against the Detroit Pistons. Before that happens though they must take care of todays game. The luck is with the Celtics because they have won every home game thus far in the playoffs. So with that I end this post with just one thing left to say: GO CELTICS.
God Bless

Hillary Clinton Is All Done!

Hello everyone and I hope your work week is going well. Todays topic is politics so let’s get down to it.

I guess I’m not posting anything that everyone reading this blog doesn’t already know. Well just to state it once again, Mrs. Clinton quest to be the first women as President of the United States of America is over. Now with that said, I am shocked that she is continuing with her campaign at this stage of the game. Anyone can do the math and know that she is defeated and that Barrack Obama is the Democratic nominee. Never the less though, I hope she carries on and exposes more of Barrack’s hidden secrets in the process.

I would like to point out that I am supporting John McCain not because he is my choice but because Obama is not. My choice was Mitt Romney but we all know he is out. I think Mitt would have led this country well due to his background as the former Governor of Massachusetts and his business background as well. I guess the people of the United States did not share my opinion though.

One thing that will leave me scratching my head is how ignorant some people of the United States really are. After all that has come out about Barrack, people are still supporting him. This is a big mistake and I hope that people will realize this and come to their senses. The guy aligned himself with a Reverend who is a flat-out racist and who dislikes the United States of America as stated in his sermon’s to his clergy members but reaps all the rewards that this country has given him. A known fact is Barrack has been a loyal member of this church for over twenty years. Fact two, Reverend Wright has been his spiritual adviser up until Wright was exposed by Fox News. Now is this who we want running the White House? I guess we will find out in November.